Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mission: Secure Leather Jacket for Matt's 30th Birthday

Here's the jacket in question: Mass Effect Commander Shepard Jacket

Here's the (apparently way less nice, according to Mr. Matt) knockoff: Mass Effect Slim Fit N7 Jacket


Q: Why a leather jacket?
A: Matt really likes leather. According to an old friend, this has apparently been a thing for most of his life.

Q: Can't he just make it?
A: Matt really can't sew. (And I'm not about to waste several hundred dollars of Italian Lambskin by applying my amateur talents to this project)

Q: Why Mass Effect?
A: If you haven't yet realized the extent of Matt's Mass Effect worship, I can only assume it's because he hasn't cornered you and given you his speech about everything he loves about Mass Effect and why the ending was so brutal, followed by some form of how he would have done things differently.

Q: Why not just buy the cheaper knockoff jacket?
A: That's what I'm going to do if we don't raise enough. I think the knockoff jacket looks nice, but Matt took one look at it and promptly rattled off five reasons why it wasn't as nice as the original. He likes it, but he reeeeaaaally wants the original.

Q: Wait, how is this going to be a surprise if Matt's seen both of these jackets to pass judgement?
A: Ahaha! That's the beauty of it, he's beating himself up for not buying the jacket when it was a mere $500 or whatever from the Bioware store. Therefore he will not see this coming :D

Monday, February 3, 2014

Worldbuilders 2014

1. No minimum donation.
2. Every donation = 1 entry.
3. If you win, I'll ask you to send me a screenshot of your confirmation email or completed donation page.
4. You can redeem your win now for a print I have currently - or hold on to it for a later print!