Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Cons in Retrospect

So let’s see – roughly sometime around July this year, I made the awesome/retarded decision to try my hand at doing the con circuit full time. Here’s a quick look at the cons I did this year:

WTHcon February 5th -7th in Guilford (Awesome and hilarious as always!)

Stellarcon March 5th-7th in High Point (organization wasn’t stellar [see what I did there?] but I had a great time)

MegaCon March 12th - 14th in Orlando (my first time going! Looking forward to this year’s)

NC Ren Faire April 8th, 9th, 17th, and 18th in Wake Forest  (I don’t have a good feeling about the future of the faire, but it’s always nice to see my renaissance peeps)

ConCarolinas June 4th-6th in Charlotte (remains my favorite NC con)

Origins June 24th-27th in Columbus, Ohio (another first, one of the best gaming cons I’ve been to)

LibraryCon July 31st in Wilkesboro (small but cute!)

GenCon August 5th-8th in Indianapolis (first time and definitely not the last – if you get the chance, DO THE TRUE DUNGEON ADVENTURE)

Celebration V August 12th-15th in Orlando (oh. My. God. The most amazing con of the year. Can it be CVI yet??)

Dragon*con September 3rd-6th in Atlanta (insane and wonderful as always)

Hickorycon October 2nd (tiny but well done! Great for comic fans)

Xcon October 23-25 in Myrtle Beach  (….yeahh. No. Not again)

That’s about one con a month – not counting events and shoots… I bet I could do more than that this year and *probably* keep my sanity. But sanity - overrated, right? Right guys?

In other news, I got a sewing machine for Christmas, meaning I CAN ATTEMPT SEWING COSTUMES. I also got a pasta machine, which is delicious but less relevant to cons. And an ice cream machine. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure having the ice cream and pasta machines is going to be relevant in an extremely unhelpful way…
I'll try and put my 2011 schedule up soon! To answer a frequent question - I usually do shows when I'm hired by an organizer/vendor/artist, because I'm not the kind of super famous person that cons invite to show up with expenses paid...yet. *crosses fingers*

And to close things out - here's one of my favorite pics from 2010, from the Concord Renaissance Faire, that is just pure happiness.

Looking forward to con season 2011!

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