Monday, December 9, 2013

Costumer Woes: Making a Costume for Which There Is No Canonical Reference Picture

When I'm trying to visualize a costume described in a book: 

When none of my internet searches turn up anything useful:

When I realize I'm going to have to come up with a design myself:

For costumers like me, who suck at all things sewing and fabric might relate to the next two gifs as well. Everyone else, proceed to the last two gifs!

Working with cloth is...not my forte. 

My costumes tend to be a little more like...

Maybe I can find some inspiration online?


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  1. (late response, just found your blog ;) )

    Even simple stuff, my wife wanted to knit a Jayne hat for some friends. She did the research. None of the existing patterns really matched what we saw on the series. She even went frame by frame and snapped every existing image she could find in her series collection ... she figured there was no one Jayne hat but quite likely *several* which were not identical.

    Commence hairpulling frustration -- not because anyone ELSE would know the difference but because SHE would know the difference.

    She wasn't a geek when I (a geek) married her ... but yeah, I think she is now ;)