Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello world!

Today I was on the road to Hickory and decided to start a blog.

I was on my way to HickoryCon (surprisingly fun for a tiny one day event), leading my friend Cord (surprisingly tolerant of my bad driving), and feeling inordinately cheerful for (unsurprisingly) having gotten little sleep. I've become a total night owl, and the clear sunny skies were doing a number on my brain.

"I want to get up this early from now on," I thought. "I want to go running and make breakfast and clean the house and do all the things that productive adults do."

If you've ever had to pry me out of bed for something, you can guess about how long that chipper little resolution is going to last!

But the blog! I was composing the most poignant first entry in my head as I drove. It was witty and fun and I have completely forgotten it and am instead typing this entry at a level of sleep deprivation that's probably comparable to mild brain damage.

Why a blog? One, it's better for keeping in touch with folks than, say, facebook statuses. Two, I need to keep up whatever writing skills I developed in school.  Three, I want to chronicle (at least to some extent) my decision to eschew a regular career in favor of cobbling together a model/artist/costumer/booth girl career, for better or for worse.

Four, I'm curious to see if I can post my painstakingly drawn stick figure comics at their actual resolutions.

So here goes an adventure in chronicling. I promise three things right now: I will never ever have a regular updating schedule. I travel a lot and internet is still not a constitutional right. It'll just randomly happen. I will try to keep things interesting. And I will not require human sacrifices from my readers.

(actually, the last one is iffy.)

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