Sunday, October 10, 2010

Will travel by...tiny skateboard!

Side note: We ended up hitting another McDonald's at 3am after Decadence Project, and I got another Happy Meal...and it had the exact same Yoda skateboard.

Naturally, I made Cord ask the guy working the window if I could get a different one. He chuckled, instead of throwing ketchup packets at me for being an idiot customer, and I ended up with General Grievous and now he can battle Yoda! Bwahahah!

This past weekend, I recorded lines for a fan-made commercial (with an atrociously affected French accent), I did my first stage performance, and I danced onstage in body paint and latex lekku. Sometimes I wonder if this is really my life. In the immortal words of my friend Joss - "I think I've died and gone to Heaven. Or Narnia. Because this is not my life!"

Don't get me wrong, there's parts where I've wondered if I died and went to Hell (late night solo car trips and insane travel schedules come to mind...) But they're outweighed by the good, like the gold leaf photoshoot I did this weekend with Timeline Photography. Photoshoots can sometimes be Serious Business, but we were cracking up and having a blast like old friends. It didn't hurt that he provided food. (Pro tip: Feed your cast and crew! an army production team marches on its stomach)

And I've been learning how amazingly encouraging my friends are -- people lending me crash space, helping me with costuming, letting me know about events, even something as simple as commenting on a picture or sending a message. It is so very appreciated! I like to think that if/when I hit it big, I'll have a thank you party. I shall call it AwesomeCon.


  1. Dude, I totally went through McD's in response to this and got a Skywalker one. Baller! And, also, very very blue. And tiny.

  2. That makes me absurdly happy :D when we next meet, our skateboards shall battle!

  3. Boy toys are always the best. And I am sure your skateboard battles will be epic.

    Congrats on all the performances you've been doing! I know how you feel about your acting skills, but after you kept a straight face during that recording over the summer, I'm pretty confident that you can handle anything. :)

  4. You really should reconsider eating McDonalds..or any fast food for that matter.

  5. Oh lordy, I know. Both times it was the only option available ... and I feel dirty and shameful afterwards. *fetal position*

  6. Haha, you should have seen when I had to do that performance thirty times a day for three days in a row. THAT was some masterful keeping of the straight face!

    Also, someone called my voice acting (with French accent!) "an awesome vocal talent" so I am super pleased :3